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I help people at varying financial stages find spiritual and emotional peace with money.

Do money concerns keep you up at night? Maybe on the surface you're doing fine financially: you're gainfully employed, paying your bills and even have some savings and a 401k. But you may still be a layoff or family emergency away from financial distress. Perhaps you're struggling financially in some way that you can't quite admit to your friends or have difficulty discussing finances with your partner. A feeling of "not enough" is ever present in your mind.


This is where the Generosity and Abundance Process can help. The G.A.P. can transform your relationship to money by placing giving at the center of your financial life—moving from a scarcity-based approach to one of faith and abundance.


The G.A.P. Online Course offers you timely advice and practical solutions through dynamic video content and homework assignments that shake up the way you think about financial health. 

About Me

My Story

One of the most stressful days of my life was when I went to the ATM to make a typical cash withdrawal - and the transaction was denied. My bank accounts were seized due to crushing tax debt. I had also accumulated both student loan and credit card debt that I had avoided and had caught up with me. The modest wages I was earning as a dance instructor were garnished to satisfy the debt I owed to the state. This was all taking place as I started a family and had mouths to feed. 


I lived like this for years. Not because there wasn’t great personal finance resources out there, but because I was simply too embarrassed to reach out for help.

The Generosity and Abundance Process (G.A.P.)

My vision is to shift the conversation of personal finance from scarcity to abundance. As people become masters of their financial affairs, they can increase their ability to give and share. As people have more resources, they are able to live more philanthropically and give to the causes they care about. This, in turn, creates a more generous world.


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"I've 'grown up' about how I am with money - it's about my choices and my responsibility and I owe it to Rodney for bringing that awareness."

Anne Gibbons, Owner, Anne Drawn Graphic Recording

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"We got to share from the heart what was authentic and true about our financial situation. We were, together, going to take a journey towards financial empowerment."

Alexis Francisco, M. Div. Candidate, Union Theological Seminary

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"Rodney has a way of being direct and gentle that creates this powerful space of invitation for everyone to share, hear and gain courage."

Allison Manuel, Senior Community Organizer, NWBCCC

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"I would recommend Rodney's workshops because they help you come to the truths of your money situation. When you do that, you make better financial decisions."

Diane Tersilas, Retail/Sales Professional

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