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The Generosity and Abundance Process (G.A.P.)

The goal of the Generosity and Abundance Process is to guide people to a healthy relationship with their finances, based on the principles of giving and an abundance mindset.


The G.A.P. Online Course takes you through these principles:

1. Naming and Claiming Your Money Story

In this module, you will examine your underlying thoughts and beliefs about money. This is a vital first step in breaking through any blocks in your financial goals.

2. Envisioning Your Ideal Financial Future

More than goal setting, creating a vision of the future you want to see for yourself and your loved ones creates energy in realizing your dreams.

3. Defining Generosity and Abundance

Generosity and Abundance are beautiful words, but they have different meanings for people. Coming up with a personal definition of these ideas will make them real to you.

4. Purposeful Money Management

In this module, you'll receive some practical tips for getting started on the road to financial health. 

5. Unleash Your Inner Philanthropist

Philanthropy is for more than just big foundations. Learn how a giving practice can both positively impact your life while supporting the causes you care about.

"I appreciate the fact that you're focusing on one's relationship to money, and not just how to manage money better. It's so important to address the hidden layers that keep us from abundant living, and it's clear that your teaching course does that.


—  David M. 

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