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Leading at the intersection of generosity, purpose, and the arts to drive positive impact.

Break free from isolation, and let the rhythm of connection strengthen your organization’s sense of community!

You can revitalize your team dynamics with the transformative power of social dance! Rodney leverages the art of movement to mend the fabric of your team, fostering unity in the era of hybrid work. 

Rodney is also passionate about creating a culture of generosity, whether through the give-and-take of a Salsa, facilitating vulnerable conversations on fundraising, or creating giving circles. Increase the flow of generosity in your organization with Rodney as your coach.

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Featured in the hit documentary, Mad Hot Ballroom, Rodney builds connection with velocity! With inspirational energy, he can get a room full of hesitant strangers dancing and laughing together in minutes. This experience of connectedness builds a foundation for the more critical conversations that may need to take place in your organization.

mad hot movement

Ditch the boring professional development session for an experience that gets your employees out of their seats and connecting with each other in a dynamic way!

mad hot movement
for schools

You're looking for a creative way to engage your faculty or perhaps bring families to school for a celebratory day of movement. This program is for you!

mad hot giving

You want to foster or enhance a culture of generosity among your board of trustees or staff, but conversations about money get in the way. These facilitated workshops can help!

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"Rodney is a true professional. He is passionate about his work and as a speaker, he over-delivers! He is enthusiastic, upbeat and handles every question with intelligence and poise. He taught our employees basic dance moves and made it simple to follow no matter what their experience was with dance. Our employees are still asking about him!"

- Diane Dalzell, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, New York Presbyterian Hospital

I first experienced Rodney's social dancing workshop at AISNE's Health & Wellness conference, where I joined with some reluctance at the encouragement of a friend. By the end, I didn't want it to be over! Rodney is an incredibly gifted teacher and charismatic facilitator, infusing humor, compassion, and grace into a transformative experience. I enjoyed his workshop so much that I had him come to lead his Lessons from a Dancing Classroom workshop with our full faculty and staff on a Professional Development Day and he did not disappoint. The positive energy, joy, and connection was palpable among my colleagues and I'm so grateful that Rodney is doing this unique, and very much needed, work.

- Tara Hofherr, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kingsley Montessori School

"He is a gifted leader who combines high social-emotional competencies, hard work, and diligent planning to build out ideas and connect with people in meaningful ways. His desire to serve, to be excellent, and his can-do spirit combine to set an inspired tone. It is not coincidental that others' skill development and leadership skills grow and blossom in his presence."

- Veronica Jutras, Assistant Head of School for Community Engagement, Gordon School

Leading at the intersection of generosity, purpose, and the arts to drive positive impact.

Rodney's work has been featured in these and other media outlets:

Leading at the intersection of generosity, purpose, and the arts to drive positive impact.

Give the gift of joyful connection to your teams and community! 

Invite Rodney to your next PD, conference, or special event.

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