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Leading at the intersection of generosity, purpose, and the arts to drive positive impact_

mad hot movement

Invite Rodney to create a unique, upbeat, and fun team-building experience!

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted workplaces like nothing we've ever experienced. Organizational leaders are still trying to negotiate hybrid workplaces and find meaningful ways for employees to connect.

Rodney's social dance workshops are more than just fun dance classes. They create meaningful connection through playful and respectful touch, while bringing joyous learning into the workplace. Participants leave these sessions with new dance steps they can use immediately and get to know their colleagues in a special way. The social and emotional competencies built during these workshops remain long after.

Rodney's background in Latin dance and its history also make for engaging and powerful Hispanic Heritage Month events!


Whether it's an outdoor festival, fundraising event, or community celebration, Rodney provides high energy, fun, and easy-to-follow dance lessons in a variety of social dances. Rodney's unique blend of humor, friendly banter, and clear instruction allow him to lead groups of 40 to 400 with ease and success. 

Leading at the intersection of generosity, purpose, and the arts to drive positive impact.

What people are saying

"Very invigorating. I needed that!  When I was growing up I was encouraged to just follow academics and nothing else. The arts were not encouraged because I need to be a 'professional' and graduate college with 'security' .Thank you Rodney for an uplifting and inspirational session."

Timberly Williams

Give the gift of joyful connection to your teams and community!

Invite Rodney to your next PD, conference, or special event.

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