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"This is a great book to get inspired and jumpstart changes to how you manage your finances. I've already bought a few copies to share with others and I'm excited about my journey to financial stability."

- Kathryn Z.

The Counterintuitive Solution to Money Problems


When money burdens weigh on you, it's easy to feel alone. 

The stress of debt, underemployment or just not being able to make ends meet can create feelings of isolation—even if the outside world sees you as happy and "keeping it all together."

If I told you that one of the keys to getting out from under this situation is to start giving, you'd probably think I was being ridiculous. Well, it's not obvious, but it does work—and I'd love to tell you my story.

The Generosity Solution is my account of how giving saved my financial outlook and my spiritual and emotional life. It's my real-life story of the power of generosity to break the chains of financial worry and make a difference in the lives of others.

I invite you to fill out the form above and learn more about how it all works!

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