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WATCH: The Cost of Silence

Updated: Mar 18

The big lie of capitalism is that people can achieve great success on their own. As if all it takes is determination and some elbow grease to make it in society.

No one would argue that hard work is a necessary ingredient for financial or professional success. But to suggest that one's grit alone is what's behind it is a fallacy. Great careers, like great businesses, non-profits or other organizations are the result of many people contributing to the endeavor - whether through investment, loans, contacts, advice or moral support.

The same concept applies when it comes to our finances. American culture treats finance as a personal matter. I believe that's because we've managed to tie money to identity and if we place a high level of security in our money, we don't want our security threatened. So talking about our personal finances, even within our families, can be really difficult. To a certain extent, that makes sense. Depending on the circumstances, it could be inappropriate to share your money business with others. However, a culture of silence around money means that many of us are struggling with problems that we don't have to suffer alone.

Mike Little, director of the Faith and Money Network, talks about the importance of opeing up about our finances. "We have to have community. Any kind of growth involves a risk, and the love and support and accountability we get from others are absolutely vital." This loving accountability is part of the spiritual side of money. We know that just as reaching our fitness goals is easier when we have a workout partner, reaching our money goals is easier when we have support.

I was recently interviewed on the TV show, Open. Host Rhina Valentin and I discussed the power of generosity and addressed some of the spiritual aspects of personal finance. You can watch the interview above.

If you're interested in exploring the intersection of spirituality and money, I invite you to check out the G.A.P.

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