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Let's Move

Foster memorable connection and collaboration through social dance

“You dance how you live. Show me how you move on the dance floor and I'll show you an area of your life where you live the same way.”

- Marquita DeJesus


Every organization can benefit from having teams that are highly collaborative. With remote and hybrid work environments increasingly more common since the pandemic, it has become more difficult to build the kind of connection and trust that is the mark of high performing teams. 

There are many activities that are designed to build teams, with varying degrees of success. Rodney uses the powerful elements of social dance to bring colleagues into direct contact with each other in an experience of teamwork and movement that they will remember for a long time. With expert facilitation, deep learnings on connection, trust, and presence remain well beyond the dance experience itself.

What People are Saying

"Very invigorating. I needed that!  When I was growing up I was encouraged to just follow academics and nothing else. The arts were not encouraged because I need to be a 'professional' and graduate college with 'security' .Thank you Rodney for an uplifting and inspirational session."

Christine H.

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