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Speaking and Facilitation

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Book Rodney for workshops on the following topics:


  • Mental Fitness for Greater Happiness and Impact: How greater PQ, or Positive Intelligence, can decrease stress and increase productivity and performance

  • Discovering Your Purpose DNA: What if the work you’re called to do in the world were encoded in a way similar to your DNA? A fascinating assessment tool helps you unlock that important information.

  • What Do We Value?: Organizations and teams that operate by a strong set of core values attract and retain committed employees. Identify your core values in this highly interactive workshop.

What People are Saying

"I love your unique brand of poise, humor, patience, and professionalism! I felt so safe taking this huge risk being here because of how you held the container for us all. What a gentle strength you have that creates joy, safety, and proficiency. Thank you so much!"

Yvette G.

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