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Speaking Engagements


The African American and Puerto Rican communities of mid-20th century New York City shared physical, socio-economic, and artistic spaces as both groups navigated new realities during the ascendant civil rights movement. One of the most powerful spaces for cross-cultural relationships were the dance floors of nightclubs and ballrooms across the city. 


Lindy Hop, Mambo, Boogaloo, Salsa, Jazz, and other music and dance forms brought communities together, inspired artistic innovation, and prefigured the emergence and vitality of hip hop. Salsa, in particular, continues to be an art form that convenes people of all races yet remains a significant intersectional space for African American and Latino communities.


In this signature lecture, I explore key moments of Salsa history, how to use this information in classrooms, and creative ideas to get everyone up and dancing!


This lecture will offer attendees a unique opportunity to not only learn about an important (and frankly, super cool) topic like salsa, but the chance to get on their feet and dance it. 


Designed to be part lecture, part dance class, this offers everyone an embodied learning experience.

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