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Let's Grow

Increasing performance and passion through purpose

“Leaders are held to three tasks: to shift the context within which people gather, name the debate through powerful questions, and listen rather than advocate, defend, or provide answers.” - Peter Block


The old models of top-down leadership are changing. Aspects of traditional leadership will always have a place, but thriving organizations create leaders throughout the enterprise and support their employees in the discovery of their purpose and the application of their gifts.


As a coach in the field of Positive Intelligence and mental fitness and through the use of a variety of powerful facilitation tools, Rodney coaches individuals and groups to greater achievement through practical and actionable exercises.


What People are Saying

"Rodney was very thoughtful and I appreciated that he worked with our group to help answer some of the questions we had so that we didn't get stuck. This activity made me feel really good about where we are going as an organization."

Andrew M.

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